100 houses are being built with 3D printer, what is the price?

House built with 3D Printer

3D Printer, A residential area is being built in Georgetown, Texas, USA. Homes in this area have a specialty. They are being made using 3D printers. A house has already been completed.

The project to build the residential area is being implemented by two companies based in the US and one based in Denmark. A total of 100 single-story houses will be built there. It is expected that these houses will start living from next September. According to the builders, some houses have already been sold.

3D printing may be unknown

Building houses through 3D printing may be unknown to many. In fact, it is a state-of-the-art technology. All large size printers are used to build the infrastructure in this technology. These are not the kind of printers that are usually seen in general printing work.

3D PrinterĀ 

Instead of ink, 3D printers use building materials or concrete mixtures. Mathematical calculations of house or infrastructure design are pre-stored in the computer. According to that calculation, the concrete mixture comes out from the nozzle of the printer tube and builds the infrastructure layer by layer.

A 46-foot-wide robotic printer is being used in the construction, the builders of the Texas homes said. After building the walls of the houses, doors, windows and roofs are being constructed. Solar panels have been added to these houses to generate electricity. The size of the houses is 1500 to 2100 square meters. Each house has three to four bedrooms. Homes are selling for $475,000 to $599,000.

3D printers reduces harmful carbon dioxide

An independent study has found that construction with 3D printers reduces harmful carbon dioxide emissions. It also produces less construction waste. Apart from this, the material used in the construction is less by using the printer. Cement consumption accounts for 8 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions each year.

A study conducted in Singapore in 2020 found that 3D printers cost 25.4 percent less to create a bathroom. Apart from this, about 86 percent less carbon dioxide is emitted in printer technology compared to conventional construction techniques.

3D printers

Despite all this, many experts have raised questions about the construction work through the use of 3D printers. According to them, 3D printers are still using concrete that is associated with carbon emissions. And the policies related to infrastructure security are still not widely followed.

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