Biden’s dog is biting everyone

Biden’s dog, US President Joe Biden has a distinct reputation as an animal lover. He also has a dog in the White House. But this time, Biden has fallen into a new irony with his beloved pet dog ‘Commander’. It is known that the commander is biting everyone. One victim of the commander’s bite also had to go to the hospital.

White House

Biden brought the little commander to the White House in 2021. The German Shepherd dog is about two years old. Biden’s favorite commander. According to the news published in various media, the dog has bitten at least 10 people in the last few months. In these situations the commander will be trained in behavior modification.

Biden's dog

According to CNN, a member of the Secret Service was also bitten by the commander in the White House. At that time, First Lady Jill Biden failed to control the pet dog. The press reported this information about the e-mail sent by a member of the Secret Service.

Jill Biden’s communications director told the media that sometimes pets have trouble adjusting to the White House environment. They cannot take the pressure here. Then behaves a bit rude. Staff are being trained to train the pet dog in this situation.

Karin Jean-Pierre

On the other hand, the press secretary of the White House, Karin Jean-Pierre, said that the Biden family is working on ways to make the situation better for everyone. Apart from this, a separate place is being arranged for the commander’s movement and running.

When the couple settled in the White House, the Bidens brought their dogs Major and Champ with them. But the two dogs could not adapt to the environment of the White House. With so many people and protocols in the White House, the major’s mood is disturbed. One day he bit a worker.

Joe and Jill Biden are in trouble with Major. The two dogs were later sent to Biden’s home in Delaware. Training is provided. Later, back at the White House, Major behaved the same way again.

On the other hand, Joe and Jill Biden’s beloved dog Champ died in June 2021. Then the commander was brought to the White House.

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