Biden’s new immigration policy stalled in court

Biden’s new immigration policy

Immigration Policy, A federal judge has suspended new restrictions imposed by US President Joe Biden to limit the entry of migrants across the US-Mexico border.

The new restrictions were imposed by the Biden administration last May after the expiration of the ‘Title-42’ restrictions imposed to prevent immigration during the corona epidemic.

Immigration Policy

U.S. District Judge John Tigger in California suspended the restrictions imposed by the Biden administration for two weeks. The court’s order followed a petition by several other civil rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), challenging Biden’s new restrictions. However, the Biden administration can appeal against it.

Democrat Biden became president in 2021

Democrat Biden became president in 2021. He promised to change many of the hardline policies of former President Republican Donald Trump when he came to power. But Trump’s decision to tighten the border to prevent immigration is upheld.

Biden’s new immigration policy, which took effect on May 11, states that immigrants who did not seek asylum in a third country or who did not come to the United States legally will be considered ineligible for asylum in the United States.

The number of migrants crossing the border illegally has dropped dramatically in recent months after the new rules came into effect. However, if the policy taken by Biden is suspended, the question has now arisen whether or not there will be a flood of immigrants at the border.

In a 35-page order suspending Biden’s immigration policy, Judge Tigger said US law is clear that illegal border crossings cannot be barred from seeking asylum.

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