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Di Maria, Argentina won gold in 2008 Olympics with his goal. After 15 years, that Angel Di Maria scored in the final of the World Cup in Qatar. Di Maria scored in the Copa America final, which ended Argentina’s long title drought.

Di Maria even scored in La Finalissima against Euro champions Italy in June that year. How much respect does Di Maria, who contributed so much to the success of Argentina?

Does he get the respect he deserves? And whether one respects Di Maria or not, Cesar Luis Menotti, the coach who won Argentina’s first World Cup, ranks alongside Mario Kempes, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

Di Maria

Not only has Di Maria scored in Argentina’s most important matches, he has also shone in many big matches in club football. The winger scored for Real Madrid in the 2014 Champions League final and the Copa del Rey final in the same year.

Perhaps with these feats in mind, Luis Menotti said in an interview on Super Deportivo radio, “He is a footballer who deserves the same respect as great footballers.” I put Di Maria in the queue of Kempes, Maradona, Messi. To me, no one represented Argentine football more than him. Di Maria is highly respected by those who understand football. Those who know him, love him. To me, he is a role model, who can be compared to the best of all time.’


The ex-Argentina and Barcelona coach also addressed Lionel Messi’s absence from the 2026 World Cup. Messi, a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, announced last June that he will not participate in the 2026 World Cup. He cited his advanced age as the main obstacle to his participation in the 2026 World Cup. I adore playing football, so as long as I am in good physical shape and enjoy the game, I will keep playing. The following World Cup is still far off.

“Physically, considering his age, Messi can play in the next World Cup,” the coach asserts, “but if I were Messi, I would have played in the 2026 World Cup.” She takes care of herself, exercises, and keeps fit. Messi is injury-free and in fantastic condition. I would have continued to play if I were in his position and 36 years old. He could desire a little more independence.

Sources: BBC News

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