Elton John: Final Night for Elton John

As he concludes his final European tour, Elton John receives a Coldplay tribute.

Elton John, With an emotional two-hour concert in Stockholm on Saturday night, Elton John concluded his last, final European tour, bringing to an almost-end his fifty-year career and thousands of performances throughout the world.

The 76-year-old singer thanked his band, saying, “They’re really incredible,” and said to his audience, “You guys have been absolutely magnificent.” They are the best, I firmly believe.

The following night, Coldplay gave a performance in Sweden and sent a video message to the veteran. Frontman Chris Martin stated, “We love you so much from all the bands and artists you’ve helped and inspired.

Elton John

“We are so grateful for everything you have done for the Aids Foundation, whenever you have been kind to anyone.”

John’s final performance, which included a selection of his best hits from the previous 50 years, was introduced by Bennie and the Jets. Finally, he said the Yellow Brick Road farewell.

His 2018-launched Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour attracted more than six million spectators. This tour is the first to sell $900 million worth of tickets, according to Billboard magazine.

Elton John

The musician only ever attended Glastonbury Festival once, when he performed as the festival’s headlining act last month.

Sources: CNN

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