Emperor Nero’s theater was found underground

Emperor Nero’s theater

Emperor Nero’s Theater, Ruins of a private theater belonging to the first-century Roman emperor Nero have been discovered. Archaeologists have found it underground in Rome, the capital of Italy. Experts call the discovery of the structure a few meters away from the Vatican an ‘extraordinary discovery’.

Where the theater was discovered, exquisite marble columns, gold leaf, noble decorations and multiple collections were found. These galleries have an aesthetic variety of curtains for costumes and stage. These precious materials were used in the staging of Nero’s plays.

Emperor Nero's theater

Rome’s Special Superintendent Daniela Porro discovered the theater last Thursday. Through this, a place was found where Emperor Nero used to practice poetry and music. The theater was located near where St. Peter’s Basilica is now.

Archaeologist Marzia Di Mento

Excavations began there in 2020. Archaeologist Marzia Di Mento is leading the excavation. He said, “This is an excellent excavation. Every archaeologist dreams of such a dig. It is rare to be able to dig in such historically rich areas.

However, many historians have mentioned the existence of this ancient theater before. There is also confusion about it. Roman writer and historian Pliny the Elder mentioned this theater. However, although his writings mentioned this, there was no information about its location.

Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero used to claim that he was an artist. He used to stand on stage and act. At the same time, he used to organize sports and chariot races. Nero, who was known to be reckless, spent a lot of money on building a huge palace.

Emperor Nero came to power in 54 AD when he was only 16 years old. The Roman Empire then stretched from Spain in the west to Britain in the north and Syria in the east. He was dethroned in 68 AD after being a victim of rebellion and attack. Fearing hanging, Nero committed suicide in the middle of the same year.

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