Every moment counts after a stroke

Stroke is the second leading cause of death in older adults. People over the age of 40 are more affected, but younger people can also suffer from strokes. A serious problem occurs when there is bleeding or disruption of blood circulation in any part of the brain, it is called a stroke.

A stroke can lead to paralysis, disability, permanent bed rest and even death. However, how severe the complications will be depends on how late the stroke patient is treated.


Stroke patients frequently arrive at the hospital with significant delays. If there is a delay, there is no time to give proper and appropriate treatment to the patient. However, if treated on time, damage and complications can be reduced a lot. The global usage of the phrase ‘BE FAST’ aids in the recognition of stroke symptoms.


It is possible to remember the signs or symptoms of stroke with the English phrase ‘BE FAST’. For example –

  • ‘B’ means balance. Dizziness or loss of body balance.
  • ‘E’ stands for eye or vision problem. Vision that is unclear or a sudden inability to see.
  • ‘F’ stands for face. Sudden curvature of one side of the face or paralysis of part of the face.
  • ‘A’ means arm. Sudden weakness or paralysis of the hand.
  • ‘S’ stands for speech or sudden interruption or cessation of speech.
  • ‘T’ means time. This time means that if any such problem occurs, the emergency number of the Department of Health 16263 or the emergency department of any hospital should be contacted immediately.

If necessary, take it to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. At the beginning, a CT scan of the brain should be done to understand the type of stroke. Because, there are two types of stroke. Ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke due to disruption of blood flow to the brain. The treatment methods are also different in both cases. If the patient becomes unconscious, it is important to maintain oxygen, intravenous saline, ventilator if necessary to keep breathing and blood circulation regular.

Some Carefulness:

The patient should lie on one side with the head down without a pillow. Take care of the eyes. Urinary bladder should be taken care of. Otherwise, there may be urinary problems. If the patient is unable to eat by mouth, food should be given through a nasal tube. Every moment after a stroke is very important. It is possible to save millions of neurons in the brain if treatment is started quickly.


Preventing strokes is possible through the practice of a healthy lifestyle. Controlling high blood pressure, diabetes, leading a healthy worry-free life prevents stroke.

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