Hong Kong Singer Coco Lee Dies at 48

Coco Lee, a popular singer and songwriter from Hong Kong, passed away at age 48

Coco Lee, (AP) ONG KONG — Singer and composer Coco Lee, who was born in Hong Kong and had a very successful career in Asia, committed suicide, her siblings announced on Wednesday. She was 48 years old.

According to Lee’s older sisters Carol and Nancy Lee, whose message was posted on Facebook and Instagram, the actress had been struggling with depression for a while. Her illness, however, has substantially gotten worse in recent months.

His Sister Claims

Despite CoCo’s efforts to overcome her sadness and professional support, the statement said that “that demon inside of her took the better of her.”

Her sister claims that Lee made an attempt at suicide at home over the weekend and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She apparently died on Wednesday while still unconscious.

Coco Lee

Ferren Lee, who was born in Hong Kong, eventually emigrated to the United States and went to middle and high school in San Francisco. At the age of 19, she launched her debut album after placing first runner-up in the annual singing competition held by Hong Kong broadcaster TVB.

Mandopop Singer

Although Lee began her career as a Mandopop singer, during the course of her nearly 30-year career, she diversified and released albums in Cantonese and English. She was best recognized for her live performances and strong voice.

“CoCo is also known to have worked tirelessly to open up a new world for Chinese singers in the international music scene, and she went all out to shine for the Chinese,” her sisters wrote in their post. “We are happy with her!”

She was also the first Chinese singer to gain popularity in the United States; in December 1999, her English single “Do You Want My Love” peaked at #4 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Breakouts chart.

In the Mandarin adaptation of Disney’s “Mulan,” Lee provided the voice of the title character Fa Mulan and sang the Mandarin version of the film’s theme song, “Reflection.”

Canadian Entrepreneur:

In 2011, Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian entrepreneur and ex-CEO of the Hong Kong supply chain firm Li & Fung, wed Lee. Although she shared a marriage with Rockowitz and had two stepdaughters, Lee was childless.

The word “love” and “faith” are tattooed on Lee’s torso, and in her most recent Instagram post on December 31, 2022, she also included a photo of what looks to be a drainage bag strapped to her body.

Coco Lee

She wrote in the post, “Love & Faith—my two favorite words that I carry close to my heart and that I urgently needed to get through this tremendously challenging year.

The caption said, “Life looked awful at times, but I adopted the mindset of a “female warrior” to face them bravely.

She wrote on social media in March that she had to relearn how to walk after having surgery for an old leg injury brought on by falling overboard during a ballet rehearsal in October 2022.

“Effective functioning. I believe I can do it,” she stated in a Facebook post, “even though I’m in a lot of pain and I have to relearn how to walk.”I can and will, of course.

Instagram Post

In an Instagram post honoring Lee, Mandopop singer-songwriter Wang Leehom called her the “biggest star” who everyone wished to collaborate with.

Before any other Chinese musician did, “Coco Lee broke down international barriers in the music industry,” he said. Let’s never forget her for being a courageous pioneer and a significant musical great.

Jolin Tsai, a singer from Taiwan, wrote on Facebook, “R.I.P., your bright smile will always be remembered.”

Sources: BBC News

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