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Robots, From healthcare to rock music—there is no field where artificial intelligence (AI) is not being used. The development of this new technology is opening new doors of possibilities. A two-day event organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an organ of the United Nations, saw every ‘dazzle’ of AI.

The two-day ‘AI for Good Global Summit 2023’ started last Thursday at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to the ITU, countries around the world are working on strategies to use AI technology. Because government and technology leaders understand the challenges of the machine-assisted future that lie ahead. So they are focusing on formulating plans to manage it for the common good of humanity.


ITU Secretary General Doreen Bogdan-Martin explained the matter thus, ‘As we must build a responsible future with AI, we must be involved in that process.’

Robots in Social Welfare

Robots can play a role in meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 51 robots with innovative capabilities have been shortlisted at the ITU event. 9 of these are humanoid robots, i.e. those that look a lot like humans and are able to behave like humans. It is expected that these robots will work as human assistants.
ITU says that robots like ‘Grace’ can help keep people well with healthcare, as well as provide better quality education services, help people with disabilities, reduce inequality, reduce waste, and help build sustainable infrastructure, robots can play a role in greater social welfare.


According to various media reports, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot ‘Grace’ can understand human emotions, show empathy accordingly and understand more than 100 languages.

Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics and one of the decentralized AI marketplaces, Singularity Net, jointly built the world’s first healthcare (nursing) assistance robot ‘Grace’. The aim was that the robot would help in the healthcare of elderly people. However, its health care coverage has now increased, according to the ITU.

About Sofia and me

‘Sophia’ is the first robot to serve as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) innovation ambassador. It is built by Hanson Robotics. According to the ITU, Sophia is the reality of the dream of the future of AI.

UK-based Engineered Arts has built a robot named ‘Ameka’. AI and AB (Artificial Body) are used in this robot.

More types of such robots are being developed, which are playing a role in improving the quality of life of people.

AI in sustainable development

Some robots have been developed to help tackle social and environmental challenges in a larger sense. For example, they are playing a role in dealing with other disasters including the risk of climate change.


On the other hand, some robots are also working to look after human health. They are playing a role in creating a kind of balance by preventing food wastage.

The population of the world is increasing gradually. In this situation, ITU believes that robots can be one of the allies of humans in identifying long-term development challenges.

Source: UN News

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