Singer and actor love, fans regret

The news of their dating was also revealed in the Korean media. It was written that they met at the singer’s house. The news of that dating went viral. However, no one has opened their mouths about whether it is love or rumours. Finally, that rumor has come true. Korean actor Ahn Bo Hian and Black Pink singer Jisoo are in love. On Thursday they admitted that they are in love. The authenticity of love has been confirmed from their agency. There is no end to the fans’ regret about this love of the beloved star.

Jisoo’s agency YG Entertainment

Earlier, the singer used to report for Jisoo’s agency YG Entertainment. When will there be a tour with music, when and where will you sing. He used to inform about new songs. But this time they confirmed that the Black Pink singer is in love. They told the media that these two talented stars are in love. However, he did not open his mouth about when their understanding started.


Ever since the news of the two stars’ romance was confirmed, fans have been pouring in their wishes on social media. Some are upset. Because, this actor and singer couldn’t have imagined that they are in love before it was announced publicly. Why could not, it is a pity.

Korean actor

Korean actor, model and television personality Ahn Bo Hian is good at boxing but wanted to be a model. Enrolled in modeling at the age of 18. He started acting since 2014. ‘Descendant of the Sun’, ‘Her Private Life’, ‘My Name’ and the latest release ‘See You in My Nineteenth Life’ have been praised for several works.


Black Pink singer Jisoo also performed. Although he has future plans with music, his first name in his career was in ‘The Producers’ series. The following year in 2016, his singing career started. His first solo album ‘Me’ was released in March this year. It sold over a million in just under two days. Made it to the Best Selling Albums list. She is the first Korean singer to record the best-selling album.

Sources: Los Angeles Times and CNN

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