Trudeau said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sophie

On the first date, Trudeau said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sophie

The unexpected announcement of Justin Trudeau (51) and Sophie Gregoire (48) separating after 18 years of marriage has surprised many.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced this on his Instagram yesterday. Sophie also announced the same on her Instagram.

Trudeau-Sophie married life was ‘enviable’ to many. Hardam practices have also been observed in this regard. After the announcement of separation, they are in a new discussion. In this discussion, Trudeau-Sophie’s identity, love, marriage are also coming up.

Justin Trudeau

There have been many reports about Trudeau-Sophie’s identity, love, marriage. In 2019, Canadian online media “Nursity” made a report about this.

As Narcity reports, Trudeau’s meet-love-marriage story with Sophie was extraordinary. They knew each other from childhood. Because Sophie was a classmate of Trudeau’s younger brother Michel. Even as a child, Sophie used to come and go to Trudeau’s house and hang out.

But Trudeau-Sophie truly ‘know-understand’ each other after they both become adults.

In 2003, Trudeau and Sophie attended a fundraiser together. At that time they got to know each other ‘newly’. Then a close friendly relationship developed between them.

A few days later, Sophie e-mailed Trudeau. Sophie wrote in an e-mail that she enjoyed meeting Trudeau. But Trudeau did not respond to Sophie’s e-mail.

Trudeau-Sophie met on the road in the late summer of the same year. Sophie wanted to ignore Trudeau. But this time Sophie Trudeau offered to go on a trip with him.

Justin Trudeau

Sophie said that if Trudeau really wanted to go out with her (Sophie), he should reply to her (Sophie) in that e-mail.

On their first date, Trudeau told Sophie that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sophie.

Trudeau said they both broke down in tears after the announcement. Because both of them were very sensitive people.

The story of the Trudeau-Sophie relationship continues.

Trudeau proposed to Sophie more than a year after their first date. They tied the knot on May 28, 2005. They became the parents of three children during their 18-year marriage.

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