United Kingdom will take teachers in the IRP project

United Kingdom will take teachers in the IRP project, some countries are getting opportunities

UK schools are suffering from teacher shortages. About 40,000 teachers left their jobs in the country this year. The country will hire about 3000 teachers for a few years with the new school year from next September. To solve this problem, the country’s government is planning to recruit teachers from several countries including India. These things have been said in a news of India’s The Mint citing The Times.

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The project has been underway for the past year. Selected instructors are required to enroll in classes at the secondary school level. The number of Britons interested in different occupations has increased. As a result, they are leaving teaching to work elsewhere. To close that gap, the nation’s administration has made a new choice. Teachers in some nations, particularly India, are paving the path for a promising future as a result.

Job Opportunities Indian Teachers

Job opportunities abroad opened up for Indian teachers. Teachers in India will go to work with a package of about lakhs of rupees. A shortage of teachers has created opportunities for Indians to teach English, science and mathematics in the UK. The British government is creating job opportunities for teachers in India as teachers quit their jobs. In this, teachers in India will get a monthly salary of two and a half lakh rupees. Other facilities will also be available. UK will hire teachers from different countries including India under the International Relocation Payments (IRP) scheme.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the UK’s National Association of Head Teachers, told The Times that employing foreign teachers was ‘a temporary solution at best.’

Meanwhile, the country’s education department said in a statement, “We launched a one-year trial program in March.” Under this, more than 400 of the world’s best teachers are given the opportunity to teach in schools in England. We have tried to recruit teachers to ensure that there is a teacher for every child. We have worked through many options.

What is IRP?

International Relocation Payments (IRP), a pilot program for the 2023 to 2024 academic year. Under this program, foreign teachers get job opportunities with job offers in the UK. Their visa costs, immigration, health and other expenses are covered under this scheme.

UK schools

Some countries get opportunities to recruit teachers

IRP is an attempt to increase the number of teachers. Teachers from India, Ghana, Singapore, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe are recruiting teachers to teach math’s, science and languages in England.

What are the qualifications for teacher recruitment?

Teachers must have a graduation pass. Must have teacher training qualification certificate. Must have English speaking skills with at least one year of experience. The salary depends on the role of the teacher in the educational institution. But usually about 27 thousand pounds salary per year. 2 thousand 250 pounds per month. 2 lakh 38 thousand 657 per annum in Indian Rupees.

How many teachers are employed?

UK Schools officials expect 300 to 400 teachers to be recruited into the IRP each year from the coming academic year.

Sources: BBC News

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