What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A: How to understand, what to do

Hepatitis A means inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis is mainly caused by various bacteria or viruses. But currently, this monsoon season usually means that children are more infected with hepatitis A virus. However, children can also be infected with other germs such as hepatitis B, C, D, E. However, this virus is the most known infectious agent at this time.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is mainly spread through contaminated water and food. The virus enters the body of a healthy child or person by drinking contaminated food or water and causes inflammation in the liver. In our country, children eat sugarcane juice, contaminated bought water, unpasteurized and contaminated fruit juice, juice or raw fruit. Open food in front of the school, fast food, chatpatti, pickles, cut cucumber, amra etc. are very popular among children. This disease spreads through all these foods. Apart from this, not washing hands properly after using the toilet is one of the reasons for getting infected with this virus.

Hepatitise A

Hepatitis causes jaundice, i.e. yellowing of palms, eyes; The color of urine is yellow. Severe inappetence, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, constipation, light yellow stools, fever, itching, body aches are the main symptoms of this disease. If all these symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor immediately. Usually this disease is cured within two months.

In case of jaundice, the child should be given adequate rest so that the child does not become too weak.

If the child is nauseous or vomits, instead of feeding him full, he should be fed little by little. Foods with excess oil and spices should be avoided. Easy to digest food should be given. Homemade pure food, fruit juice can be fed. Care should be taken to avoid constipation. Do not take any pain and fever medicine or medicine without doctor’s advice.

If a baby with jaundice does not sleep or has a change in sleeping habits, has seizures, has any changes in the baby’s behavior or is unconscious, it should be admitted to the hospital immediately.

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