Where mosquitoes are being killed by drones

Where drones are used to exterminate mosquitoes

It is challenging to find someone who has never experienced mosquito bites. Mosquito bites can be avoided in a variety of ways. To prevent mosquito bites, some individuals use mosquito netting. To kill mosquitoes, some people employ coils and even poisons. As a result, using drones to destroy mosquitoes will undoubtedly be equivalent to using cannons to kill insects.


This took place. After trying numerous strategies to exterminate mosquitoes, the authorities of Orange County, California, USA, have launched such a creative initiative to employ drones. In order to kill mosquitoes, disinfectants are seen being sprayed by drones in the lower areas, ponds, and ponds.

California State

In California, it is wintertime. But it frequently rains. More mosquitoes are breeding there. The mosquitoes that breed everywhere in the stagnant water have grown to annoy the local population. To kill mosquitoes, authorities have attempted a variety of methods. They’ve chosen to employ drones as the most recent technique.

California University of Irvine is its location. The Jan Joaquin Marsh Reserve is a sanctuary located close to the town. Recently, drones there sprayed disinfectants. John Savage, who operated the drones, was in charge of them. There are huge mosquitoes, because heavy rainfall. he remarked. Here, nearly all of the reservoirs are full of water. Mosquitoes are prevalent as a result of this.

Advance Technology

Mosquitoes have grown, according to entomologist Kiet Nguyen of Orange County. We were looking for more effective mosquito control methods. a technological advancement that can eradicate mosquitoes more quickly. For this reason, drones are employed.


Authorities in Orange County claimed that they used every traditional mosquito-control technique. Disinfectants have been deployed in specialized sprayers, trucks, helicopters, and even airplanes. It didn’t, though. Because drones can spray disinfectants in all regions, including those that are more targeted, they chose to utilize them to kill mosquitoes. In just two minutes, a drone can eradicate an acre of land.

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