Why is fear of heights?

Green hill Shyamlima with closed eyes. Your fear of heights can get in the way of the immense joy of losing yourself in nature. Some people suffer from fear of heights even when going somewhere by plane. Only on the mountain or plane – or why? Fear of heights also causes problems in everyday life. Balconies, rooftops, and even elevators in high-rise buildings can cause serious situations due to fear of heights.

Why this fear?

In most cases, there is no specific reason for this fear of heights. It’s a mental thing. Some have a history of height-related accidents in the past. However, no specific physical problem or physical weakness is responsible for this. Anyone can be a little afraid of heights. However, the problem of those who have a pronounced fear of heights is called fear of heights.

More reasons

Human mind is very strange. It is difficult to say when a painful memory accumulated in the brain will have a negative effect on the mind in any situation! People who grew up in an unsafe environment or suffered a major emotional trauma in the past may suffer from a fear of heights. Some may have a fear of heights along with a fear of going to crowded places. In some cases, such fear is also seen in other members of the family.

fear of heights

Know the symptoms

Symptoms of altitude sickness include feeling unsteady, dizziness, chest palpitations, shortness of breath when going to a high place. One may even feel that the person is dying at that moment.

Then you will suffer forever

If you have a fear of heights, there is no reason to think that you will never be able to go to heights naturally. For those who have such problems, there are special treatments. Treatment will gradually remove the problem. If you experience such problems, consult a psychiatrist. The problem can be overcome with cognitive behavioral therapy. As part of the treatment, the affected person must first go to a place of low height with the help of another person. A gradual ascent to higher altitudes is practiced.

Apart from that, to keep yourself calm in scary situations, you have to practice some relaxation techniques (relaxation techniques) in normal situations. These include methods such as deep breathing and yoga. In this way he will be able to calm himself down in scary situations and deal with those situations. In some cases, some medication instructions are also given.

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