Why Platelets Decrease in Blood

Why Platelets Decrease? When the dengue season comes, platelets are heard more. What are these platelets and why do they decrease? A platelet is one of the three types of blood cells in our body. Platelets primarily serve the purpose of assisting in the coagulation process of blood. It plays an important role in stopping the bleeding quickly in case of a cut anywhere in the body. These platelets are reduced in dengue disease. But not only dengue, some other diseases or reasons can reduce platelets.

Causes of decreased platelets

Our body has a certain level of platelets, usually between one and a half million to four million per milliliter of blood. When it falls below the normal level or decreases in medical terms, it is called thrombocytopenia.

Platelets Decrease

There are two main causes of low platelets

  • One. Platelet destruction.
  • Two. Not making enough.

Various viral infections, such as dengue, covid-19, hepatitis B can cause decreased platelets. Apart from this, some bacterial infections can sometimes be like this.

Platelets also decrease in response to certain drugs and cancer-related treatments such as chemotherapy.

A decrease in platelets can be seen in various blood diseases, such as blood cancer called leukemia or other blood cancers. This can also happen in various bone marrow-related diseases.

Excessive alcohol consumption and liver problems are also important causes of low platelets.

Platelets are destroyed in some immune-related diseases, such as ITP.

Some complications of pregnancy can also cause low platelets.

What happens when platelets decrease?

Low platelets or thrombocytopenia are not medical emergencies. That is, the patient will suddenly die of hemorrhage as soon as the platelets are depleted—this is not the case. But if the platelet level drops too low, such as below 10,000, then internal bleeding means there is a fear of bleeding inside the body in the brain, kidneys, heart.

Signs of decreased platelets

A decrease in platelets can be detected by several symptoms. These include—light bleeding, red pinpoint spots. Bleeding under the skin causes purple marks. A cut anywhere on the body may bleed for a long time. Bleeding from the gums or nose, bleeding with urine or stool may occur.

Platelets Decrease

If platelets decrease in dengue

Decreased platelet count is common in dengue. Do not panic and consult a doctor. Usually, after a certain period of time, as the effects of dengue on the body subsides, the platelets also return to their previous state. A doctor makes a decision about a patient’s treatment based on the type of change in platelets in routine blood tests. It is not advisable to take any treatment that is not scientifically approved without the advice of a doctor.

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