Wildfires are burning in the state of Hawaii

Wildfires are burning in the state of Hawaii in the western part of the United States. The fire is spreading fast. At least 36 people have died in the wildfires in the town of Lahania on the island of Maui. Many were injured. Various organizations and forces of the government including the fire service are working to put out the fire.

The fire started in the early hours of last Tuesday. Confirming the death on Wednesday, local authorities said, the fire has burned more than 2,000 acres on the island of Maui. Local homes and businesses are at risk. The island is home to over 35,000 people. Among them, 36 deaths have been reported in Lahaniya till Wednesday.

Hawaii Department of Emergency Management

According to the Hawaii Department of Emergency Management, dry weather is prevailing in the state. Due to cyclone ‘Dora’, gusty winds are blowing again. As a result, the fire became more dangerous. As a result, high wildfire warnings were issued for much of Hawaii until Wednesday night. In addition to the town of Lahania, several areas on the island of Maui are burning.


Lahania city of 12 thousand inhabitants is historical. It is also a popular tourist destination. City Governor Josh Green said most of Lahania was destroyed by the fire. Hundreds of families have been evacuated. According to another local government official, more than 270 buildings were destroyed or damaged in the city.

Local authorities have asked tourists to leave the island of Maui to escape the wildfires. They were seen taking a bus from their hotel to the local Kahului airport. But the fire caused many flight delays. Some flights have also been cancelled. As a result, many tourists were seen stuck at the airport.

The US Coast Guard rescued several people from the sea after the fire. Major General Kenneth Hara, the country’s army officer, said people jumped into the water to escape the fire. Two military helicopters sprayed water on the island of Maui on Wednesday, Kenneth Hara said. He stated that the primary focus is on prioritizing the preservation of human lives. Then focus will be on alleviating human suffering. Finally, efforts will be made to reduce the loss of resources.

Meanwhile, in a statement, US President Joe Biden expressed his condolences to the families of those who died in the fire.

‘Looks like a war movie’

Several videos of the Lahania town fire have gone viral on social media. It has been seen that the fire is advancing through the center of Lahania. The sky of the city is covered with black smoke. According to Claire, a resident of the town, everything is like a horror movie. He said his area was completely burnt less than an hour after he left home. Cars were on fire on both sides of the road. People were stuck in traffic. Many could not leave the city. The homeless and those without cars have been particularly hard hit.


Another resident, Chrissy Lovitt, said the Lahania fire was like a movie. He said, “All the boats in Lahania harbor have been burnt.” It looks like a war movie. Fuel oil fell from the boats and the water also caught fire. Alan Barrios, another journalist, told The Guardian, “The city has become a war zone. Only the sound of explosions left and right.

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